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Handy for Cornwall sightseeing

If you're looking around st ives guest houses, give this one the once over. Downsfield is really very comfortable and handy for the sights of Cornwall.

This blog was posted Wednesday 26th November 2014 : 06.26 pm

We love coming back to Eastbourne

I love Eastbourne and one of the nicest guest houses Eastbourne seafront has to offer is the Arden. We really like coming back here. 

This blog was posted Monday 24th November 2014 : 11.41 am

CCTV stops petty pilfering

CCTV systems in place make a big difference to the amount of petty pilfering that goes on around shops. No more do people think they can pop stuff in their handbag or coat without getting caught.  Prosecutions are easy - the video evidence is there for all to see!

This blog was posted Thursday 30th October 2014 : 12.59 pm

Driving lessons in Seaford

I was looking for cheap Driving lessons in Seaford and Graham Oliver's Driving School seems to have the edge - he's very flexible and friendly - makes lessons fun!

This blog was posted Tuesday 26th August 2014 : 07.44 pm

Life saving mirrors

Great ways to safety - Convex Mirrors placed opposite your drive will increase visibility all around. Now that would save a life or two....

This blog was posted Tuesday 29th July 2014 : 02.53 pm

Get rid of pigeons

If it's a problem with pigeons roosting on your wall these Wall Spikes solve the problem instantly!

This blog was posted Monday 28th July 2014 : 10.21 am

Great kids curtains

When you want quirky little characters and fun childrens curtains these really are great quality and value for money. Coming through the post all you have to do is measure up and order.  We love them!

This blog was posted Thursday 3rd July 2014 : 01.48 pm

Good advice about production line equipment

When you call Kevin from PESL you know you're going to get the best advice regarding equipment for micro abrasives.  

This blog was posted Tuesday 1st July 2014 : 02.33 pm

Doing the difficult welding jobs

If you want good and efficient welders Eastbourne area you're lucky - Abelweld are fast, efficient and do those difficult jobs with great expertise.

This blog was posted Thursday 19th June 2014 : 01.50 pm

A good way to remember someone special

We really like these crystal bottles as Memorial Keepsakes.  They are so discreet and tasteful, you can display them anywhere even on your dressing table.

This blog was posted Saturday 5th April 2014 : 10.14 am

Furnishing the Loft

A bit of sunshine and Dad is off on his diy again!  This time is was the loft and we found some great loft furniture to fit perfectly right here.

This blog was posted Saturday 5th April 2014 : 10.09 am

Professional and friendly brokers

You've just got to get Landlords insurance and why not get it from Reid Briggs. I think they are friendly polite and professional.

This blog was posted Thursday 3rd April 2014 : 01.14 pm

A super care home in Polegate

I've been hunting somewhere for my aunt to go for a little rest while her new bathroom is fitted and only the best will do for her when it comes to being fussy about Care homes Polegate residents are well served with Victoria House in Victoria Road - we all liked the feel of the place and the friendly staff really seem to care about the residents there. Only just round the corner from Eastbourne so we can visit whenever we like.

This blog was posted Friday 28th March 2014 : 03.03 pm

Great site for anti-theft devices

Brilliant! We got excellent perimeter security products and excellent service from Insight Direct when we wanted to secure our garage from thieves. What a great site for all sorts of anti theft and vandalism devices!

This blog was posted Thursday 27th February 2014 : 02.01 pm

Happy with the service

We called ASAP Waste Logistics to clear the site when we'd finished pulling out an old bathroom and kitchen. I heard they were good at rubbish clearance London area and we were happy with the service they gave us. 

This blog was posted Wednesday 26th February 2014 : 09.54 pm

Futons are fun!

My son and I were quite agreed that modern Futons are the way to go in his bedroom. I was surprised at the comfortable mattresses - much better than the lumpy things I used to remember. The oak frames were nice and solid too and he can turn it into a sofa when his mates come around. We also bought the coffee table bedside cupboards and a loft cupboard from their other range which looked so neat against the sloping ceiling.  All for under £1500 and it will last for years.

This blog was posted Wednesday 26th February 2014 : 09.52 pm

Relationships are often under strain over Christmas period. If you feel you are in need of Counselling in Staffordshire for any family issue, whether it's marriage troubles, or stress, come to Adrian and Marika for discussions about the deeper issues that will leave you feeling more in control of what is happening in your life.

This blog was posted Thursday 2nd January 2014 : 02.17 pm

Full Marks to DPN...

It's DPN Solutions for us all the way.  When we wanted shop carpet fitting Bromley seemed to have plenty of places to go but DPN gave the best quote and got the job done within a week without disrupting the whole business.  They set a schedule and stuck to it.  Full marks for a great service.

This blog was posted Thursday 5th December 2013 : 12.42 pm

Cheapest wooden garages around!

Looking for wooden garages? We were surprised how cheap these were from Shop for Garden who deliver direct from the Latvian forests! They specialise in garages, garden buildings and accessories for the garden, delivering straight to your door for you to put up yourself in situ.

This blog was posted Monday 18th November 2013 : 11.06 am

Great service from The Business Traveller

You won't be disappointed with our flight-finding service - getting the best value business flights to Washington is what we do every day and we can be sure to find the right deal for you at The Business Traveller.

This blog was posted Friday 15th November 2013 : 11.56 am