Soccer Team

My colleague at work was part of a soccer team and he often heard of blocked men`s toilets. Chem Assist were contacted and provided a solution with their special urinal unblockers. These unblockers were very helpful in providing a solution to the problem. Chem Assist were able to provide very powerful chemicals that were able to do the job.

This blog was posted Tuesday 17th December 2019 : 12.43 pm

Brilliant Framework

My friend was looking for an accountant that could do his accounts. My friend spoke to a few acquaintances who had an accountant. The best recommendation came from a friend who had accountancy with Dominic Hill. The recommendations came back as being very organised, efficient and structured. The framework was brilliant and this was able to fulfil his accountancy need.

This blog was posted Wednesday 6th November 2019 : 11.27 am

Old style Interest Only Mortgage

My friend was looking to get on a repayment mortgage. My friend was on an old style interest only mortgage and wanted to replace this with a repayment mortgage. Most high street banks were unable to help. I need some help were able to help me find a repayment mortgage without the interest rates being too high. I need some help were able to help me with my new budget plan.

This blog was posted Tuesday 15th October 2019 : 12.04 pm

Health and Safety Regulations

My uncle owns a chemical factory and was looking for a company that could install new fire extinguisher's and safety equipment for the business. A lot of the systems were needed to be updated and for staff training to also be implemented. ETC Fire came out with presentations and staff training and equipped them with what they needed.

This blog was posted Tuesday 9th January 2018 : 11.09 am

A visionary company

My mum is overjoyed with the leaflets which she had printed about a year ago at Ocean Press. She is grateful for the outcome of the leaflets which she thinks look super! This company did a marvelous job in assisting her with her printing needs and helping her bring ideas to life. The leaflets look spot on and she has recently decided that she wants to even more printed AND also have some business cards made. This company is hard working and they have vision.

This blog was posted Thursday 14th December 2017 : 12.35 pm

In good hands

My partner had the privilege of associating with Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers. The interaction had been great and straightforward. They did an excellent job of taking care of customers needs. This company is competent and smart in how they conduct themselves and my partner would put them at the top of the list.rnHe greatly valued the service provided and the friendship and loyalty of the staff here. My partner felt as though he was in good hands of a company who enjoys what they do and always strive to provide the best possible service to any customers seeking insurance coverage for a whole range of things.

This blog was posted Wednesday 13th December 2017 : 12.25 pm