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Courteous and Hardworking

After being left very unimpressed and disappointed with the tiling completed in his bathroom, my friend called the Naked Tiler who was recommended to him. This company were pleasant and polite and were courteous when in my friends home. He explained clearly where the other tiler had gone wrong and how he would correct the mistakes made. My friend was over the moon when he saw the completed job. He was very happy indeed.

This blog was posted Thursday 24th October 2019 : 10.41 am

Best Fit

My friends father is a resident at Normanhurst and he was looking for quality care that would be personal and friendly and they found that here. He was suitably impressed with what they offered and felt that this was the best fit for his fathers needs.

This blog was posted Thursday 24th October 2019 : 10.02 am

Winter Breakdown!

My neighbours central heating system was not working properly. That typical situation when the heating has been put off during the warmer summer months and then the weather gets cooler in the autumn again and the central system needs to be put on again. Ansell Plumbing were called out to fix the problem and were able to obtain spare parts quickly. The central heating system had slowed down, there were hotspots in the radiators, and the radiators needed to be re bled after the spare parts were fixed. Ansell Plumbing were able to fix all of this within a reasonable length of time and above all my neighbour had a warm house again!

This blog was posted Tuesday 15th October 2019 : 10.56 am

Value Sheds

Shop for Garden has a range of wooden buildings to suit all. Thye can supply great value sheds or summer houses which are ideal places to lock up lawnmowers, bicycles, barbecues or garden furniture for the winter. My friend has bought a garden shed from this company and can relax in wintertime knowing that his possessions are safe.

This blog was posted Friday 4th October 2019 : 11.35 am

Regular Dog Walker

My friend was looking for a regular dog walker who could take her dogs out for daily walks. K9 Adventures were contacted and came round to customise her to them. K9 Adventures were very good in helping her with this. There were many walks that could be combined at different times or days.So K9 Adventures were very flexible, accommodating and helpful.

This blog was posted Tuesday 27th August 2019 : 11.10 am

Best Buy in a While

My friend uses Eco Eye Energy Monitors and says it`s the best thing she`s bought in a while. She liked that she was able to have live readings of the energy she was using but most of all she was impressed by the price and competent service at hand.

This blog was posted Wednesday 24th July 2019 : 09.43 am

Tree collapse on garage roof - urgent work

My friend's garage roof completely collapsed last year as a result of a few days of torrential storms which lead to a neighbouring tree falling onto the garage. She was gutted as she had lots of possessions ruined by the incident as well as damage to her white goods and car. She needed a roofing company to come in as soon as possible to get a new roof installed. ASAP Roofing responded rapidly to her call and someone from the team were over the very next day to have a look at the damage and work that needed to be done. She was happy with the quoted price and the professional nature of the workman. She was particularly relieved to see that this company shared her urgency to get the roof fixed to avoid further damage from the following week's rainy weather forecast. A team of four roofers showed up the following day and starting early, they completed the job that very day. She is overjoyed with this companies performance and attitude to the job. An amazing team.

This blog was posted Thursday 1st November 2018 : 09.41 am

Commercial Kitchens

They were called out to do a commercial clean on the commercial company my colleague were working at. Mrs Ovens did an amazing job and were able to do a thorough clean on all the ovens cleaned! Well done!

This blog was posted Tuesday 9th January 2018 : 01.05 pm

Well informed

My nephew was in need of a professional chimney sweeper to come and clean out all of the leaves in his chimney and to fit a flue on the top of the chimney breast. Not only was Steve Ely courteous he was also extremely professional in how he conducted himself. The cowl turned out to be a very simple but effective solution to a blocked chimney. The price was very, very reasonable and will save him lots of money in the future. My nephew felt confident and well informed before the work was carried out.

This blog was posted Friday 22nd December 2017 : 01.35 pm

Thrilled with the outcome

My friend is thrilled by the excellent service in which Sam Mercer Plumbing provided. The new bathroom looks very sleek and stylish with the added luxury of underfloor heating. The team's honesty and enthusiasm were refreshing and my friend appreciated being kept in the loop and up to date with all the work that was being carried out in all of its different stages of progression. This company is marvelous in what they do and how they conduct themselves. If you are looking for a company who will exceed your expectations, then this is the company for you.

This blog was posted Wednesday 20th December 2017 : 12.55 pm